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Derby Musician & Pianist

Take a look at some of my recent music:

My Prayer - Day By Day

Tribute To Tramaine Hawkins

Take My Hand Precious Lord

Over The Rainbow


Queen Guilty Of Racism

Perpetual Persecution

Candle In The Wind

Tribute to Nathaniel Augustus Edwards

My name is Stephen Nathaniel Edwards. I was born in Derby, England on the 30th August 1966.

Business: Working in music.
Business name: Steve Nathaniel Composition & Performance and A to Z Pianist.

Due to illegal restrictions amounting to "Restraint of Trade", I now have a "Human Rights Case" with the United Nations Human Rights department in Geneva, Switzerland as of October 2007.

My musical upbringing and background is Christian, playing gospel music.

I have also worked in pubs, wine bars, cafes, restaurants, hotels and a cruise ship working as a lounge singer/pianist. Though privately I enjoy all styles of music. Steve Nathaniel TM

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